Hi!  My name is Lindsay and I live in Austin, Texas.  I have the pleasure of traveling all around the United States helping teachers incorporate technology into their classrooms.  Prior to this, I was an Elementary School teacher.  I am extremely passionate about what I do, and I receive so much joy from helping others.  My favorite part about being a trainer is right after I introduce a new technology tool.  When I look around the room, I can see the audience thinking and brainstorming different ways that they are going to use this tool in their classroom.  I believe in the power of positivity, and I believe that as educators, it is important for us to encourage each other, share our ideas, and collaborate together.  I am a lifelong learner and love learning about all things EdTech, expanding my knowledge, and expanding my own PLN.  In my blog, I will share resources and tools that I have found beneficial.  (Don’t worry, I am constantly on the hunt for FREE resources!)

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Email: lindsay.baxter@prometheanworld.com

Twitter: @lindsaylemley (I just got married and this is my new last name! 🙂 )

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